Learn to play the saxophone at Capen Music Academy, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

Lessons Overview

Saxophone lessons available at Capen Music Academy, Kuala Lumpur for adults and youths. Lessons are individually-tailored according to your progress and are structured to prepare students for international examinations by ABRSM.

What you learn

As a beginner, you will be introduced to parts of the saxophone, fundamental playing techniques, breathing patterns, fingering, note-reading and fundamentals of music. Intermediate and advanced students will focus learning more advanced techniques such as resonance control, articulation and tonguing while expanding and mastering repertoire.

Saxophone lessons at Capen Music Academy are structured to provide a comprehensive music education to make you not only a better saxophone player but a better musician. Our saxophone lessons include theory, ear training, sight reading, technique, and history.

How we teach

We conduct classes on a one-to-one basis basis and saxophone lessons are personalised according to your progress help you learn more effectively. Our teacher’s goal is to plan engaging lessons that allow you to expand your repertoire. You can choose between a 30-minute or 60-minute session weekly depending on how quickly you want to progress.


We highly recommend students to obtain a qualification as a benchmark of your progress. Our saxophone lessons are structured to work seamlessly with ABRSM UK so that you are always ready if you want to get qualified for the music you love to play.

Who can join

Our saxophone lessons are open to kids above the age of 7, youth and adults.

Fees Structure

Introductory RM190/month RM320/month
Beginner RM210/month RM360/month
Elementary RM230/month RM400/month
Intermediate RM250/month RM420/month
Advanced RM270/month RM460/month


Experience the difference in quality lessons and
a conducive learning environment at Capen Music.