Learn to play the guzheng at Capen Music Academy, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

Lessons Overview

Capen Music Academy offers guzheng lessons in Kuala Lumpur that are fun yet challenging. Lessons are customised according to the student according to his progress, strengths and weakness.

What you learn

Beginner students will start out by learning note-reading Chinese/Oriental system, correct playing techniques and simple songs in their guzheng lessons. As you advance, lessons will focus on more advanced technical skills like pitch-bending, tremolo while expanding your repertoire.

Guzheng lessons at Capen Music Academy are structured to provide a comprehensive music education to make you not only a better guzheng player but a better musician. Our guzheng lessons include basic theory, ear training, sight reading, technique, and history.

How we teach

You will be learning the guzheng in a one-to-one setting so that you get concentrated attention and personalised lesson plans. As a beginner, our teachers’ goal is to help you play your first song as soon as possible through step-by-step instruction. You can choose between a 30-minute or 60-minute session weekly depending on how quickly you want to progress.

Who can join?

Our guzheng lessons are open to kids above the age of 7, youth as well as adults.

Fees Structure

Introductory RM190/month RM320/month
Beginner RM210/month RM360/month
Elementary RM230/month RM400/month
Intermediate RM250/month RM420/month
Advanced RM270/month RM460/month


Experience the difference in quality lessons and
a conducive learning environment at Capen Music.

Comprehensive Music Education

Our guzheng lessons are constructed with you in mind. We customise guzheng lessons according to your learning curve and give you undivided attention in a one-to-one class setting.

Recitals & Concerts

When taking guzheng lessons with us, you will be exposed to student performance events organised quarterly. You will be given opportunities to perform in a friendly and non-intimidating setting and to be inspired by other students taking guitar lessons.

Modern & Equipped Facility

Our music academy in Sri Petaling is easily accessible from any part of Kuala Lumpur via the Bukit Jalil LRT, 2.3km away. The facility includes a modern waiting area with free Wi-Fi and magazines. Spacious, contemporary design guitar studios are equipped with acoustic panels, sound systems and performance-grade guitars by Ibanez, Washburn, Dean and Yamaha to provide you the best learning experience.

For today's busy society

We know how busy you can get in today’s society which is why we operate with your busy schedules in mind. You are allowed to reschedule weekly classes with a 24-hour notice. Busy for a whole month? Lessons are billed monthly with no semester commitment so pause lessons without obligations and come back later. Terms apply